Amaranth’s proprietary bioresorbable technology platform holds great potential for both vascular and nonvascular applications.

Our flagship FORTITUDE® is a fully bioresorbable coronary scaffold that is founded on Amaranth’s proprietary polymer structure and processing technology. Our scaffold is designed to gradually lose its mechanical strength — leaving the vessel functional, flexible, and unrestricted by a permanent, metal implant.
Like the “never fading” Amaranth flower, sacred to the ancient Greeks for its versatility and healing powers, our bioresorbable device disappears, while the clinical powers endure.


Learn how our innovation in polymer science and device engineering come together to create a powerful technology platform.

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Discovery Updates

Review the Pre-Clinical Trial results for our FORTITUDE® Coronary Scaffold.

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Recent Press Releases

Read the latest news and announcements about innovations from Amaranth Medical.

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